The All India Contemporary Women Artists Art Exhibition 2019, organised by Artscapes is an effort to present the powerful and creative spirit of women artists across the country to art lovers, critics, students and viewers. Inaugurated this week at the Museum of Fine Arts, Panjab University, around 170 artworks, including eight award-winning ones, selected by a jury are on showcase. From paintings to prints, sculptures to photographs, the women artists showcase a range of works in a variety of media, exploring and experimenting with colours, forms, textures, light. The broad-ranging themes addressed by the artists also demonstrate their determination to engage with meaningful issues.

Some like Agomoni Sen strive to look inwards through their work, while others like Varsha Mithun, whose work depicts the vastness of the world, look outwards. Most keep the issues that women face as a larger theme for their works. In essence, the exhibition invites the viewer to explore their selves and their surroundings without ignoring the struggles of other people. Priya Sisodia, a student of Sri Venkateswara College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad, won an award for her woodcut, ‘3 Generations’. The artist says she strives to highlight love and tenderness towards a girl child through the work, which depicts three generations of women, grandmother, mother and child. My daughter and my family, who are my inspiration, are an integral part of my life. The piece reflects that,” says Sisodia.

‘Qurisity 3’ is the work of Arati Maurya, who is pursuing Masters in Fine Arts, and her work depicts the element of curiosity in underprivileged children. In the woodcut print, Maurya depicts a young girl holding something in her hands, with a smile of wonder. The background has alphabets in Hindi and English across the whole print. “Children of labourers are curious to learn about things and want to be educated but that never becomes their reality. They will have to do what their parents do,,” says Maurya. “My father was a farmer and he saw my talent for art when I was very young. He encouraged me on this journey,” reflected Maurya. “The role of the subversive artist, particularly the woman artist, becomes significant in the exhibitions of Artscapes, as each edition encourages women artists to simultaneously engage with creativity and contemporary concerns,” says Seema Bawa, an art critic.

The exhibition is on till April 26. There are many women in India and all across the globe who are one of the finest artist and some-how they do not get the opportunity to represent themselves in front of the people or we can say they do not get the chance to show case their talent, and events like these they portray the strong women and their talents which are not known by many of us. It is the duty of the whole nation to bring out the best of anyone and let the know that no matter they are feeling they can always get the chance to come in front and let the world know that who they are.